We buy used cars for cash

We like to think we are straightforward and approachable. If you call in we will appraise your used car and tell you what we can offer you. We can take your old car in part exchange against a newer model on the forecourt or may buy for cash. You will always receive the best price available because we pride ourselves in being

honest, realistic and clear.


Want to Part Exchange?

We welcome part exchange against a fresh used car purchase from the dealership. We are happy to discuss your requirements and if you bring the car into the dealership we will complete a full used car appraisal on the car and work out a deal for you against the used car we have for sale that you are interested in. Remember we will take depreciation into account. The older your car is and the more miles it has done - along with its overall condition - will have an affect on the amount by which it has depreciated over time. We will always be honest, realistic and clear with you.


Time to trade-in?

Is it time to trade-in your old used car and buy something younger? We have many options available to you. Bring your current used car in for us to take a look at and choose a fresh used car to part exchange against it. We will perform a full and professional used car appraisal and will then tell you the trade-in price of your used car. The price will depend upon whether you wish to sell your car for cash or part exchange it against a car we stock.

Contact  Cedar Cars

We always recommend that any customers visit the showroom and look at the car they are interested in. Whilst we are happy to describe a car over the telephone or by email, we believe that the best thing to do is to view the car and experience it first hand.  If you would like Bill or Jamie to provide more details about any particular car the please complete the contact form opposite, confirming the car that you are interested in and they will respond to your request.

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